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About us

Welcome to Doublelist. This is a little information about us, what we're about, what we're currently working on and what you can expect from us in the near future. <br><br>First and foremost, Doublelist's mission statement and goal is to be a SAFE community where you can learn, explore and enhance your sexual side. Whether that means sharing new experiences with other like minded users around you or simply connecting with one another and sharing advice. We work really hard to make sure this site is not like others, and we really strive to make it a unique place you can rely on.<br><br> <h3>What we are currently working on:</h3><br><br> <b>1) Security improvements.</b> <br><br>Unfortunately, with the recent shutdown of other sites, some spammer, scammers and bad intending users are desperately looking for new places to post online. We are working very hard, and have our guard up around the clock to make sure they know they ARE NOT WELCOMED on our site. We do this by banning users that engage in solicitation, harrass others, attempt to engage in anything illegal or violate our terms. We investigate every violation tidiously and let it know by no uncertain terms that ANY bad behavior WILL NOT be tolerated here.<br><br> <b>2) Site changes</b><br><br><br> We are working on major website changes that will be rolling out in the next few weeks. This includes an entire site look and feel overhaul, as well as major improvements to functionality. <br><br> <b>3) Private inbox system</b><br><br> A lot of you have expressed that you would like a better inbox system, as opposed to the current system of delivering emails directly to your email client. We will be rolling out a private on-the-site inbox system very shortly that will provide more security and enhance functionality. <br><br> <b>4) Newer, faster, better moderation</b><br><br> We are aware that content moderation is a big thing, and we are working very hard to constantly improve on it. In the following weeks we will be bringing more moderators on-board, as well as teaming up with a leading AI company to enhance moderation.<br><br> <b>5) Strategic partnerships</b><br><br> A few well respected companies have been reaching out to us, and have been expressing they are impressed with the progress we're making so far. Some have offered to help. We are working hard on creating strategic partners that will improve the site and bring more value to you, the community.<br><br> <b>6) Sexual education</b><br><br> We are BIG believers in sexual education and safety. We are currently working on bringing an entire new section on the site that will educate those that want to learn and expand their sexual experience. This will include things like learning how to please men & women, STD testing, condoms, and safety instructions.<br><br> <h3>Challanges we are currently dealing with:</h3><br> <b>1) Spam</b><br><br> Spam is very annoying. We know. We have spammers that are trying really hard to get into our system and make posts. Some of them even try to respond to posts that legitimate users are posting. We take spam VERY SERIOUSLY here. We pursue spammers to the full extent. We are working very hard to disable and stop them once and for all by taking matters into our own hands. We would appreciate it if you will report spam and scam on the site directly to us.<br><br> <b>2) Moderation delays / rejected posts / posts in review</b><br><br> The majority of the posts on the site get posted quickly and without a problem. However, a small percentage get sent for a longer review process that can currently take up to 24hrs. We know that some of you get very frustrated by this, and we understand. Some of you even expressed that you feel we are singling you out, which is never the case. Because of the sheer volume of ads, and the fact the moderators aren't getting paid for their time (this site is free after all) - its very challenging to get to all the ads quickly. We are working on bringing more man power in the upcoming weeks. In the meanwhile please bear with the system. Moderation is on done for your protection and the protection of the community. <br><br> <b>3) Favorites bug </b><br><br> We are aware there is a bug when you favorite a post, and then try to click on it later. We are working on fixing it.<br><br> <br><br> <a style="text-decoration:underline" href="">Have suggestions for improvement? Click here to let us know.</a>